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Life's Lessons

Updated: 3 days ago

Do not draw lessons from others only, but also from your own experiences, challenges and victories”

I have learned that sometimes we get impatient, we want an overview of the commencing events, especially if we find ourselves in an unfavourable situation. Depending on whether the outcomes of what we are expecting are favourable or unfavourable, we do sometimes get into the habit of being impatient with God or trying to plan out the next step. We then actually end up creating a predetermined outcome. So, in my life I have started to understand that things happen the way they are meant to happen, and I have concluded and based my beliefs on that, that everything happens at God's appointed time. It could have happened in your past already, but you only understand the previous step years after the actual situation has taken place. 

I was raised by my grandmother, from the age of four months,  she did not understand why but according to her, God only answered her later in life. She was 82 years old and said to me she does not regret raising me and she is glad that she heeded to the call without questioning God on how she was supposed to raise this sick baby with no husband or money. She further indicated that amongst others God chose her to raise me and help raise my kids and she felt that her purpose in life has been fulfilled because the impact of her obedience will outlive her, through me and my children and generations to come her works will forever live on.

Another thing she mentioned was that God placed me and chose me to be the one that will love and nurture her when she can no longer do it herself. I remember we were in bed with my daughter drinking coffee on a cold rainy winter day and she said  "UThixo akabuzwa mibuzo , intanga zam zihleli kwitaxi rank ziyathengisa ilekese, abanye bathathelwa imali ngabantwana kodwa mna ndihleli apha nice and warm, well fed and surrounded by love" 

What I am trying to say my friends is the following, soldier on not everything you perceive to be negative is from the devil, maybe it is just your season of being pruned whilst you are being prepared for the next step. Whatever is happening don't despair you will experience your breakthrough or understand a situation that happened in the past ONLY at God's appointed time and for now, let us stop being anxious because in any event things will not necessarily always unfold the way we expect them to.

Until I write again, stay blessed.

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